Exhibition Stand Design & Interior

With the globalization of the world as fairs where companies make business contacts have been in great demand, stands that attract attention and are representative of firms’ institutional identities have been becoming more and more important. As an exhibition company, Demonte provides companies with a wide range of exhibition and display solutions thorough designing and constructing stands for exhibitions, expositions, congresses or festivals.

Exhibition Stand Design

Our designers provide the most appropriate solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements. Also free consultation is given to our customers as to how to exhibit and expose products the best prior to construction of stands.

Interior Design

We offer our customers professional graphic design service, interior and exterior digital prints for exhibition stands, their institutional identity construction works and their product exhibitions and advertisements.


Expositions and Exhibitions are the most crucial tools to advertise companies and products, to introduce new products to market and to make business contacts. A stand is an architectural venue most types of which let people walk through. A stand lures potential customers away from competitors’ booths and lets them learn about the company and its products. Product and service should be well presented to make it easier for people to see them. The aim should be to make sure that the stand displays product and service with the best possible way. Stands should be attractive and aesthetic that reflects companies’ actual image and prestige. Exhibitor firms have their stands constructed by hiring the equipment in order to avoid storing, transporting stand materials and constructing stands themselves.

Modular Stand
modular stand

Modular designs are custom made systems for stands. They are commonly used in stand constructions for their ease of assembly and disassembly. Many companies prefer to use modular designs because it is much cheaper to hire compare to custom stands.

Custom Stand
stand design

Custom built stands are designed and built specifically to exhibitor’s requirements. Custom built stands are generally made from wood. On the one hand, compare to modular stands, the advantage of this type of stands is that they are flexible and aesthetic. But on the other hand, custom built stands are more expensive than modular stands.

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